Nigiri (1 order = 2 pieces)

Ama Ebi - Sweet shrimp7.00          Ebi - Cooked shrimp4.25
Hamachi - Yellow tail5.25 Hirame - Halibut4.75
Hotate - Scallop5.00 Ika - Squid5.00
Ikura - Salmon Roe6.00 Inari - Sweet tofu skin4.00
Kani - Alaskan King CrabMarket Price Lobster Salad5.75
Maguro - Tuna4.75 Mirugai - Giant ClamMarket Price
Saba - Mackeral4.25 Sake - Salmon4.75
Shiro Maguro - Albacore4.75 Tai - Red Snapper4.75
Tako - Octopus4.25 Tamago - Egg4.25
Tobiko - Flying fish roe5.75 Toro - Fatty TunaMarket Price
Unagi - Fresh water eel5.50 Uni - Sea UrchinMarket Price
Uzura - Quail egg1.50 Wasabi Tobiko5.75
Fresh from Japan - Today's selection of rare & unique fish from Japan and around the world.Market Price
Combination Nigiri Sushi - 6 pieces tekkai plus chef's choice on 7 pieces of nigiri18.95
Chirashi Sushi - Chef's choice of assorted sashimi served over sushi rice19.95

Special Maki Rolls

Alcatraz - Shrimp tempura and snow crab, wrapped in salmon, scallion and tobiko12.00
Asparagus Crab - Asparagus tempura and snow crab with spicy sauce8.00
Avocado Roll - Fresh avocado with sesame seeds4.75
Buttercup - Salmon, cream cheese, tobiko and kaiware radish sprouts8.00
California Roll - Snow crab and avocado with sesame seeds6.00
Caterpillar - Eel, cucumber, radish sprouts, wrapped in avocado13.00
College - Snow crab, scallop and shrimp wrapped in avocado, tuna and tobiko13.00
Crunchy Shrimp - Shrimp tempura, avocado amd tobiko8.00
Gari Saba - Mackeral, pickled ginger and scallions6.00
Dragon - Shrimp tempura, snow crab and cucumber wrapped in eel and avocado14.00
Dream Roll - Shrimp tempura, fresh water eel, avocado, scallion and tobiko11.00
Drum Roll - Chicken tempura, snow crab and cucumber7.00
Dynamite - Spicy tuna, avocado, and cucumber with spicy sauce9.00
Happy Roll - Shrimp tempura wrapped in tuna, yellowtail, scallion and tobiko11.00
Honor Roll - Eel, avocado, cucumber wrapped in tuna and salmon13.00
Kappa Maki - Cucumber with sesame seeds3.95
Negi Hama - Yellowtail and scallion with sesame seeds8.00
Negi Toro - Fatty tuna and scallion10.00
Mitama - Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, snow crab, cucumber wrapped in avocado, yellowtail, scallion and tobiko14.00
Mountain Veggie - Japanese mountain vegetables7.00
Rainbow - Snow crab, avocado, topped with variety of fish14.00
Red and White - Albacore and yellowfin tuna rolled inside out10.00
Ready to Roll - Salmon. yellowtail, cucumber and tobiko with spicy sauce10.00
Rock'n Roll - Eel, avocado, cucumber and tobiko8.50
Rockridge - Spicy scallop, asparagus and tobiko with sauce9.00
Rolls Royce - Lobster, asparagus, avocado wrapped in salmon and tobiko with sauce13.50
Salmon Avocado - Salmon and avocado with sesame seeds8.00
Salmon Skin - Salmon skin, cucumber, kaiware, yamagobo, shiso and scallion8.00
Spicy Tuna - Tuna and cucumber with spicy sauce8.00
Spicy California - California roll with spicy sauce6.25
Spicy Tuna Tempura Roll - Deep fried spicy tuna with sauce9.00
Spicy Salmon - Salmon and cucumber with spicy sauce8.00
Spicy Scallop - Scallop, avocado and cucumber with spicy sauce8.00
Spider Roll - Soft shell crab tempura, cucumber and scallion with spicy sauce10.00
T.E.A Roll - Tuna, avocado and eel with sesame seeds10.00
Tekka Maki - Red Tuna4.75
Una-kyu - Fresh water eel and cucumber with sesame seeds7.50
Vegetarian Roll - Spinach, tofu, cucumber, pickled burdock, shitake, kanpyo gourd, radish sprout and pickled ginger8.50

An 18% gratuity is added for parties of 5 or more