Served by the glass, 120ml or 240ml carafe
Our Sake Bar is now open next door, with great atmosphere, sake and food. Available for private parties.

Otokoyama Michinoku - Clean extra dry with full body
Michinoku Onikoroshi - "Demon Slayer", super dry & brisk flavor
Tengumai - Nutty aroma, flavors of butterscotch and walnut
Suigei - Fennel, hops and unripe strawberry with hint of rose
Echigo Tsurukame Applesauce & menthol with flavors of unripe pineapple and butter
Esshu Sanno - Soft and mellow, smooth and mild taste of refined sake
Sakura Muromachi - Floral, sweet melon and asian pear aroma
Hakuro Suishu - Fragrant with ripe pear and peach undertones, smooth with clean finish
Kikusui - Sweet aroma of rose and mandarin orange with clean and spicy finish
Mushohai - Well balanced of gentle taste and fruity aroma
Kubota Manju - Honeysuckle and tuberose aroma with flavors of spiced tart pear and fuji apple
Born Hoshi - Exceptionally delicate, medium dry, full bodies and silky smooth
Kamotsuru Gold - Rich in flavor, a crisp finish and mellow aroma with real gold flakes
Kamotsuru Sokaku - Top line of Kamotsuru Sokaku, light & smooth taste with fruity aroma
Kanchiku - Raw corn and unripe mango flavors finishing with a note of ginger